Commision Abstract Paintings

There can be different  reasons of choosing commission. Often it is need

of very specific size of the art-piece, sometimes need of something very own,

done with some own preferences.

If your want to do a commission it gives possibility to order size,

materials (acrylic on canvas or on paper) and preferred colours.

I do not do copies of my current works and I accept commissions only

 for creating new, original paintings. But of course you should explain

 - as detailed as possible - all kind of specific needs. One good hint

 is pointing which of my paintings presented here are appreciated most of you

 - favourite colours, compositions.  It is important to describe your wishes as

detailed as possible, because of the special difficulty in commissions of an abstract art.


Prices: As a general guide, a commissioned abstract painting will cost

 no more than the originals already listed on the site. But sometimes

prices could vary depending on complexity of the painting.

Work-time:  A tailored abstract-painting fitting your needs usually takes 2-4 weeks.

Payments: My preferred method of collecting payments is by using PayPal,

                 but we can discuss any other kind of payment-procedures.



1. The first step - with absolutely no obligation, is to email me with as much

information on your requirements as you can muster.You can select size, media

 (acrylic on canvas, on paper, other...), basic colours, style (corresponding

to my here exhibited paintings).

2. Dialog between us with more exactly descriptions - hopefully ended with

customers order decision, after confirmation of total price and delivery conditions.

During dialog-step I can present some simple painting-concepts for review and

preliminary selection of the main work-concept.

3. Confirmation of the agreement via paying in of 10% of paintings total value

as conditionally refundable deposit before starting to work with painting.

4. Delivery-step. Review of commissioned abstract painting via e-mail.

 If accepted - the rest of payment will be handled - preferably by PayPal, and

painting deliver as soon as possible.

If not accepted - painting will be not delivered and deposit-amount

will not be refunded immediately. First when the painting will

be sold to someone else - customers deposit will be returned.



Let me, Marek Petryk, be your "artist for hire" and commission me

to paint for you in sizes, themes and colors of your choice...

Inquire about specific sizes tailored to fit your personal needs.


If you are interested in commissioning artwork, please e-mail me:



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