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My favourite-painters


Some old - sometimes famous - painters from different countries are my special

personal favourites. They influenced me on many ways and I would like to present

them to you  - to everyone visiting this site.


I remember my feelings when entering a large exhibition room in one of Denmark’s museums (in Cophenhaven)

– during an exhibition of work by Maurice Esteve. This French painter from the 19-century is one of my greatest

favourites. Clear and bright colours shine from the walls. His paintings are like lamps with a special kind of light

spreading around the feelings of better, happier and more enjoyable life.


My other painter favourites are from different countries and parts of the world - Afro (Basaldella is his real name)

from Italy. It is a pity that this painter is so little known outside his country. From France - Maurice Esteve,

from Belgium -  Corneille (Cornelis van Beverloo), from Spain - Miro, from Austria - Hundertwasser,

from Switzerland - Paul Klee,  from Poland - Jerzy Nowosielski and from the United States - Marc Rothko

and  Kenneth Noland.

They had different styles, often very different compositions and were not always pure abstract-painters,

but all of them have a special attention and focus on colours.  


The best and a very right way to present an art-painter  is presentation of her/his

art-production. I use here one of functions  of the biggest

search-machine on the Internet (searching after images with Google).


If you click on an artist-name in the list below -  you can see, via link,  some examples

of pictures painted by this selected artist. Sometimes other pictures -  not connected

 to the current painter - can be presented as well. Sorry - it is difficult

to present only the right material using so simple search and presentation method.


I hope that you appreciate those masters works - as I do. And these links have

an educational function too - by pointing some artists who are not so wide known

in the world as they are in their home-countries or in this part of the world they

are coming from.



Another link, to a very complete presentation of Kenneth Noland,  is here:



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