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Colorful abstract paintings    


This on-line gallery presents abstract art produced by artist Marek Petryk.

Mareks abstract paintings are most often done with acrylic-colours,

on paper (Gallery 1) and on canvas ( Gallery 2).

Some of the newest art-works are a little different then the main production.

Leather is used as a source-material in mixed-media works -

presented in Gallery 3.  And in Gallery 4 there are some first examples

of Mareks jewellery-collection ("body objects")- small pieces of leather

designed in abstract, often very simple compositions - colored with acrylic

or other kind of colors.



Some exhibitions during 2004 and 2005 - in the different parts of the world:


The Gora Gallery in Montreal, Canada - from the 12th to 30th of July 2005.

Link to Gora Gallery is HERE.

The Gallery Art-Domain on the island of Mallorca, SPAIN, EU was exhibiting

Mareks acrylic paintings during the June (May 22 - July 2). All presented paintings were new, not exhibited before.

Click HERE if you want to see his paintings on this exhibition.


The Agora Gallery in New York, Chelsea exhibition, USA was presenting Mareks abstract paintings

between August 21 and September 11, And again - the ambition was to present there only his newest paintings.

Link to the gallery-site is HERE.


The ART Gallery in Stockholm (Hornsgatan 64B) Sweden, EU was presenting abstract paintings

between September 11 and October 6. Both his very new and older paintings were exhibited there.

Link to the gallery-site is HERE (this site is only in Swedish)


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To webmaster and artist: abstractinart@abstractinart.com


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